We are proud to announce the addition of medical oncology to the services offered here at South Branch Veterinary Services. Starting April 9th 2024, M.J.Hamilton, DVM, DACVIM (Onc) will be joining our team to offer comprehensive cancer care for our patients.  Dr. Hamilton is a board certified medical oncologist and will see patients here every week. This exciting new service allows our patients and clients to receive specialist care at our convenient location, without having to travel to a speciality hospital. We have worked with Dr.Hamilton for years and are thrilled to now have him onsite. 

Dr.Hamilton and his staff bring years of experience in pet cancer care to our hospital. Oncology services offered will include Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, Cancer pain management, Quality of life enhancement, Cancer diagnostic testing and Radiation therapy screening. 
If you are concerned about cancer in your pet please give us a call. Please click the link provided to request an appointment online. During your consultation, Dr.Hamilton will review your pet’s prognosis, treatment options, and provide a customized treatment plan.